About Me

Professional life

Howdy! My name is Dustin. I'm a Design Technologist working on the Design System at Indeed where we like to say - We help people get jobs! Before finding design systems, I was a Drupalist working on Very Large Websites™ for media brands and universities you've definitely heard of.

Before realizing HTML and CSS could pay the bills, I was an aspiring filmmaker who enjoyed the more technical aspects of audio / video editing and visual effects.

The other 128 hours of the week

I'm a lifelong cyclist who has recently rediscovered riding on dirt. I've got a dentist quality mountain bike and a gravel bike that isn't quite as fancy, but it still feels like I have wings on the downhills.

I also have a pretty stacked garage gym where my friends and I lift heavy things and put them back down again. Mostly powerlifting with some strongman aspirations and a dash of HIIT on the weekends to work the beach muscles.

I like to tinker with Arduino adjacent electronics and 3d printers. When public gatherings were more common, I helped run dorkbot Austin for several years and had a part in getting SXSW Create off the ground.

On the road again

After a few years in Boston, I'm back in Austin, eating all of the tacos I can get my hands on. One of these days, I'm going to buy some land in Vermont or New Mexico with my closest friends and enjoy a pastoral lifestyle with high speed internet.

New England has the best sandwiches, but the Southwest has the best tortilla based foods.